Stream to Power BI streaming dataset using SSIS Component

Stream2PBI is a SSIS Destination Component to stream data Power BI Service.
Works with both free and Pro Power BI Service.


* Stream data from various sources (Files, Database…) to Power BI

* Easy configuration

* No coding required


NOTE: Starting Jan 03, 2022, subscription will be required to use Stream2PBI component.

Use for development: Free.

Use in production: $ 120/year.  (Introductory price valid till  Jan 31, 2022)
(Includes support and updates, licensed for entire organization).

Please email to, should you need more information or have any questions.

Product(s) downloaded prior to Jan 03, 2022 will continue to work. However, there will be no support provided.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

How to configure & use the component

Quick steps:

* Create streaming dataset in Power BI service. Copy the URL

* Install Stream2PBI destination component.

* Map input columns to Power BI dataset columns & execute the package.

Steps in Detail

  • Create streaming dataset in Power BI service. Copy the URL

Log in to Power BI service and create Streaming dataset
  • Download,  install  & configure Stream2PBI SSIS destination component

  • Save package & execute.

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