SSIS Component - Power BI Data Refresh Task

Power BI Data Refresh Task is a SSIS Task Component to trigger Power BI data refresh.

The component uses Power BI APIs to communicate with Power BI service.

 Click here to download the installer.

How It Works?

Power BI Data Refresh Task component uses Power BI API to communicate with Power BI Service. Task component authenticates with Power BI Service/Azure via API. Once authenticated, component triggers for data refresh via API call.


NOTE: Starting Jan 03, 2022, subscription will be required to use Refresh Dataset component.

Use for development: Free.

Use in production: $ 120/year. (Introductory price valid till  Jan 31, 2022)

(Includes support and updates, licensed for entire organization.)

Please email to, should you need more information or have any questions.

Product(s) downloaded prior to Jan 03, 2022 will continue to work. However, there will be no support provided.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

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