Note: This product has been deprecated. In case you are interested in this product and/or similar product, please contact us: 

PBIHelper is a free Desktop Application, a companion to Power BI Service. Works with both free and Pro Power BI Service.


* PBIStats – Dataset with Power BI metadata
           PBIStats is dataset with collection of metadata from Power BI service. PBIStats enables to build reports and dashboards on Power BI service. With PBIHelper app, create and refresh dataset with metadata about your Power BI service. No coding is required. Just a click (may be two).

 *  Refresh dataset in Power BI 

          Trigger to refresh dataset in Power BI. Power BI Helper application can be run in command line or scheduled via Windows Task scheduler to refresh dataset in Power BI. Click here for details.

*   Explore  Power BI service

          Get a consolidated view of Dashboards, Reports, Gateways, Gateway connections. Print/save diagram as well export details to Excel.

*  Create/Manage dataset (via API)

          Power BI APIs have restrictions for pushing data to Power BI service.Data can be pushed only to datasets/tables created using Power BI API . Power BI Helper application provides workaround for some of the Power BI API restrictions, by allowing to create datasets via API .

*  Cache dataset schema

         Caches dataset schema in local system. All datasets created using PBIHelper will be available for view. Caching also allows to save the work and build dataset incrementally. Saved datasets can be reopened/edited before creating in Power BI service.

*  Define measure definition and table relations with Preview/Beta API.

         PBIHelper provides option to use Power BI beta/preview APIs. With preview APIs,  measures and table relations can be defined while creating datasets.

*  Manage multiple Power BI accounts.

      PBIHelper allows to create multiple profiles.


PBIHelper application connects to Power BI service using Power BI API.

In general, to use Power BI APIs, we need to register the application with Power BI service. The application also needs to be authorized by Azure. This is one time process.  Client ID obtained during registration will be used along with credentials to communicate with Power BI service.

Click here for details on obtaining Client ID.

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